Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Power of The Heart

Getting to 'The Heart' of the matter

Follow Your Heart

Just allowing the mind to control your reality is like running your life at half power, only by invoking the unified power of the heart and mind can you have full control over your reality.

Your heart is the Key to accessing everything that exists. Enliven your heart by placing your focus upon the heart in order to feel its energy flowing through you, with each beat creating infinite consciousness, the ultimate state in which to pursue your creative abilities and talents.

Achieving your heart's desires is the key to living a life of bliss. Learn to bring your heart alive, creating a passion for life of your dreams.

The Power of The Heart E-Book

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The effect that our environment has upon us can range from fundamental to major depending upon our response or reaction to what occurs. Everything that we experience causes some changes within us; while these changes may be subtle on a day to day basis, the overall long term impact can be quite substantial.

Within nature adaptation is the key principal to survival: the key rule or mantra is; either adapt to the environment no matter what the cost or perish. These evolutionary changes within nature cause plants, animals, microorganisms, the environment, to have only one purpose, that is survival, continuation of the species; change and adapt or become extinct.
Likewise we too are constantly changing undergoing minor to major changes in order to adapt to the ever changing world we live in. The quality of the air we breath; the water, et cetera that we drink; the food we eat; what information we expose ourselves to; our habits; all contribute or impact us causing changes within us in order for us to survive. It is for these reasons that we must be careful or wary of what we expose ourselves to. We have the genes of all those generations of survivors who lived before us; it is inbuilt within us to survive if we let our body do its job.

As humans we are able more than any other species to create or change our own environment, we don't really need to be at the mercy of the particular environment we find ourselves. Individually we can alter through change the circumstance in which we live, we can even change completely the environment we find ourselves if we put our minds to achieving this. We are most definitely creatures of our own creation, by ensuring our environment is one of growth rather than fear we can ensure our journey is the most rewarding one.
What twist of fate can you recognize today that will change something within you forever?
© 2009 Steven

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What is The Colour our Your Life?

The thought came to me that many of us don't really know Who They Really Are. Of course we know our name and other pertinent details; what I refer to is Who Really Are You on a much deeper level. We each classify ourselves by standards that society sets; we wear the cloak or mask of our profession, or whatever we are pursuing at a particular time; we also have a roll within our internal and extended families; then we have the 'Us' inside our head that creates our persona as well as determines our feelings, thoughts, desires, etc.

Start determine things about yourselves that up to now have remained blanked under 'The Who' you have become use to portraying to the world. Then start the seeds of thought to recreate in reality who you really are; including more importantly what you want from life; you could perhaps call this philosophical investigation and study of ourselves; The True Colour of Your Life!

Only through understanding fully the true nature of ourselves and our environment, while being aware of the constant changes that are continually occurring, will you be prepared to enjoy life in its entirety. Consider deeply in order to then understanding what you really want, including who you really are though step by step analysis will brings you to a whole new understanding of Who you Really Are. Let go of who you are in order to become who you want to be.

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