Sunday, November 20, 2011

The Duck that couldn't quack because it was a Swan.

How often in life do we find ourselves doing something that is not really us; a job, a line of study, whatever.

The result is that what we become rooted in doesn't quite suit us, therefore we can't become contented because our heart isn't in it.

Society has a habit of labeling people as this person is suitable for this or that; thus we become what society want us to be, how society views us, we conform; we gradually become something we are not

It is important to always strive to be what you really want to be, not what you think you are, but actually deeply consider what you want to become both personally and professionally.

You may think you are duck but in fact you could be a swan.

© 2009 Steven

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

You are The Architect of Your Life

Approach life as if you are an architect, creating your days to match your desires.

Metaphorically drifting like a log down a fast moving river was never an ideal way to live a productive life. Life has the meaning and purpose that you give it; therefore it makes sense to live a life that will achieve your desires.

Creating a life that gives you immense satisfaction, that in turn leads to you creating the ultimate state of bliss in your live is worth far more than wealth or possessions. Material things are temporary distractions, the things of the most value are the things that bring you happiness, which create memories for you to enjoy.

You are indeed the architect of your own life, the master of your own conceived universe; with the ability to create a life truly worth living. All it takes is the effort that is linked with perseverance to create in life the things that you value the most

Steven Redhead, Author,
© Life Coaching Systems

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