Friday, April 20, 2018

The Chance To Choose

Life can be how you choose or are governed by fate.
~ Steven Redhead ~

Rushing through life, each day, every hour, chased by imaginary consequences or the potential possibility of necessity - but why; analyzing self-created pressures by breaking them down into what is really important long-term and what issues are just smoke without fire that can be postponed or ignored. Life creates what is what is expected, chaos is welcomed by some as a means of justifying each moment, chasing imaginary pots of gold or illusionary rainbows doesn't yield anything of value over time. Choice of how to spend time is critical, careful decisions will bring clarity to each moment by highlighting what will be the most beneficial activity towards achieving what you want. Keep busy pursuing whatever you wish to achieve while avoiding the candyfloss issues that produce little or nothing at all.

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